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Apple iPad 2 Review

Having had an Apple iPad since they were first released, I wondered if the new iPad would be different enough to get one. I didn’t wonder for long and moments later placed my order online. Shipped directly from the factory in China, the iPad arrived via Fedex. Now that I…

Mood Tracking with twitter

Can you measure happiness? For many people happiness is subjective and not so easy to measure, however, a person's mood level is easy to detect from their choice of words and their emotional content. Alan Mislove and his colleagues at Northeastern University filtered 300 million 140 character tweets posted on…

Mobile Commerce

The Personal Computer followed by the Internet created previously unimaginable new channels for commerce. Today's new frontier is being driven by mobile phones. Consumers are using their mobile phones to surf the internet, check bank balances and to make purchases. This new channel is called m-Commerce and though the sector…


"You can't look the troops in the eye and say, "It's been a bad year, we can't do anything for you," but then say, "By the way, we're going to pay ourselves a $1 million bonus." H. Ross Perot (1930–), US entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and politician. Referring to his resignation…