Ride The Updraft

Ride The Updraft


September 15, 2014

Towers of glass, wood and stone
high above the glistening
fragrant harbour

The sky is clear and blue
wispy white and billowing
cloud towers drift
unharried by the city
7 million souls rushing
to work, to home, to school, to entertainment

They rush towards the future
with little thought of anything else
the grave beckons them…
come, come I will meet you all

An eagle circles outside
not noticing the thump thump thump
of the steady stream of helicopters
rushing business people and celebrities
ever closer to their graves

The eagle is a master of here and now
it expends only little effort
other than liftoff
and finding the rising wind

How few fragrant harbor residents
notice the eagle and it’s effortless
it’s spiraling thermal

An invisible force lifts upward
ever upward
it can only be seen
by the eye looking for the unseen

It does not earn this UPDRAFT
nature provides, the eagle collides

So many souls struggle
wrong place, wrong time, wrong people

Some of us are plain lucky
we were born at the right time, right place
we did nothing to “earn it”

Some of us are born talented
at almost anything
while others were absent
and missed out completely

A full heart runs over
a full head is empty

The world operates on rules
these rules can be seen, learned, mastered
updrafts are inevitable
they can be found, seen, mastered

UPDRAFTS can be found or created
create for others and ride up up up

Don’t stand on others shoulders
grab their coattails and ride

The full heart points
to the sky full of STARS
the full head points to them

The stars are not on stage
they are in the audience

Money grows when you OUTFLOW it
hoarding money is the fastest way
to lose it

Is subsistence the key?
how about needing less?

Subsistence is one step from survival
barely making it

Abundance distances itself from survival
Abundance takes creativity
a different kind of VISION
and mastering different RULES

Division and subtraction lead to less
addition and multiplication lead to more

The rules of less are different than
the rules of MORE

Most people only know the rules of less
they subtract and divide
when they should be adding and multiplying

Add more of what you want
multiply your dreams by sharing them
the more given, the more received

If we all spent less, there would be
less for everyone

Open your heart and your mind
use eagle eyes to see the invisible
the entire world rich and abundant
lies before you

Look to nature for generalized principles
apply to life, career and business

Spend more, give more, create more
stomp, stomp, shuffle, shuffle
out of my way!
the sounds of a soul chasing an empty chalice

Within is where the answers lie
but within is filled with horrors
dashed dreams, lost loves, shattered pieces

So few heal themselves
So few heal others

Unlearn what no longer serves
let go of what you need to let go of
forget what you need to forget
forgive what you need to forgive

So many souls arrive at the grave
their potential unrealized
joy still in the bottle unopened

Fortunate are they
who discover their full potential
and have the courage to unleash it
and ride the updraft

The eagle turns its head
as if seeing right through me
spiraling up, down, up, up
with a rhythm like a slow heartbeat

The sun reflects off a glass tower
across the fragrant harbor
a glimmer of a dream sparkles
it beckons, with an inaudible voice
only those who are ready hear

Find that place inside where
everything is possible

Chase your dreams

Interlocking dreams are best
close your eyes for a moment
let’s dream together

Fall in love again
as if for the first time

The audience is the STAR

– Andrew John Harrison