Self-Driving Cars

The future can be seen in movies and todays research projects… and when it comes to transportation self-driving cars are just around the corner…

0 thoughts on “Self-Driving Cars

  1. I think that the big question is: Who wants it? Me not. I enjoy driving, yes really. I enjoy it when I command my car by pushing pedal and let my car to go and to speed up. The feeling is great. The feeling is more great on German freeways where there are no speed limits. I like driving fast, yes really fast. Maybe it due to that I am a senior citizen.

    When having that kind of car the situation is nearly the same as we all people have same kind car, with same power in motors. That should mean that speed limits do not have any meaning, because all the cars cannot go faster than other people’s cars. We see it nowadays that people love small cars, middle power cars and power cars. I do not like that we are robotized ourself.

    It is good thing that technology is developed, but to take off my joy to drive myself, that I do not like. Maybe I am an exception in our world, but so what.

    Thank You anyway for this interesting post which should give to people something to think.