Why I Stopped Watching Porn | Ran Gavrieli

In this video, Ran delivers a thought-provoking talk about why he gave up porn. Over the past two decades, I have coached, talked to and counselled many couples and men who were addicted to watching porn. It’s a controversial subject, and I suppose anyone who is addicted does not welcome the enquiry nor the suggestion that porn may be ruining their life and relationships.

In a relationship, unspoken resentment and festering issues cause disconnection and unhappiness. This leads to more and more distance, which in turn, leads to a desensitisation. Meaning, that the couple requires more stimulation for arousal. This is where porn often makes the problem worse or is one of the original causes.

The solution is to resolve the relationship issues, which will lead to a cessation of porn.

Porn is usually not isolated. It is part of a package of behaviours that include; cheating, lying, prostitution, gambling, drugs and alcohol abuse. Not to say that everyone who uses porn has all these, however, they will have more than just one…