About Andrew John Harrison

Leadership Advocate, Entrepreneur, Investor, Patron of the Arts | Co-founder of the Goldzone Group.

I help leaders to master the new rules of leadership for the new economy. Over the past 30 years, I have visited over 500 cities in 54 countries to explore, learn from, and help many of the world’s leading companies, leaders, and luminaries in the fields of science, technology, health, finance, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

As an avid researcher, I have studied behavioral dynamics and why some people are happier, more fulfilled, and more successful than others. What causes successful people to fail and lose everything while others with little apparent talent and opportunity create incredible value, thrive, and leave a lasting legacy? Why can some companies sustain market leadership and consistently grow while others squander a leading position to lose talent, money, and status? Why are some people healthier, more resilient, always in a good mood, and appear to have abundant energy while others are repeatedly sick, suffer from a low mood, and can’t sustain high energy output?

My life’s work has been to put the results of this research into a duplicatable system that anyone can learn, apply, and share to solve pesky problems while transforming their outcomes and quality of life.

I have used this system to help people to overcome limitations, turn around losing businesses, save failing marriages, fall in love again, take the lead, and raise project capital. My clients have found new partners, transformed their health, identified the root cause of low performance, healed from life’s most crippling losses, and received medical interventions that saved their life.

I have started 20 companies, met and hired many well-known leaders, developed a corporate client list that reads like a “who’s who” of business, and produced and presented over 500 seminars, talks, and engagements with live audiences of up to 5,000.

My specialties are diagnosing complex issues, identifying root causes, and explaining concepts in simple, everyday language. If you have questions, I have answers! 

I research, write, and share general topics of interest to me, including technology, evolution, consciousness, leadership, economics, business, entrepreneurship, art, architecture, media, design, fashion, education, wealth, spirituality, and health and wellness.