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Bacteria Evolution Timelapse from Harvard Medical School

Failure is the driver of evolution

Many of us wonder how biological organisms evolve and adapt over time. This time-lapse video shows how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. It also shows how mutations by the few survivors prompt the evolution.

The ultimate failure is extinction, which occurs when there are no survivors. When a small number survive they mutate. Makes me think about how changes are happening so fast today that it’s our consciousness that is evolving faster than our biology.

I believe the new frontier is consciousness education.

This video is totally mesmerizing!

We Are From the Future

I have watched this more than 50 times… and it still blows my mind!

Past – Present – Future

It is amazing just how fast the future turns into the past. Take a moment and consider the present, and as soon as you focus on the present – it becomes the past.

Think about it. If the future is created in the present – and the future becomes the present at a certain point – which then immediately becomes the past…. if you spend all your time creating the future or living in the future, you will miss the magic of being present – here now. If you spend all your time reliving past glories, then you are missing the magic also.

The most powerful moment is right here, right now. Question is what you do with this present moment?

If you spend all your time enjoying the present, then you are not building or consciously creating your future.

So the best thing to do is to remember the past, live in the present, while creating and designing a better future… now that is an art!

Video: The Empathic Civilisation


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