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Is Free Will an Illusion?

The video at the bottom of this article may challenge your assumptions about how you arrive at decisions.

Let’s look at the dictionary definition of Free Will:


  1. The apparent human ability to make choices that are not externally determined.
  2. The ability to make a choice without coercion.

In other words, Free Will is the ability to choose, think, and act voluntarily. Most people would like to believe that human beings can be the authors of their own actions and reject the idea that our actions are determined by external conditions or fate.

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Zone Learning


We all have at least one thing in common: we started life as a baby and grew into an adult!

Consider for a moment how we learnt as children. We touched everything, tasted everything, played with everything, asked questions about everything. All our senses were engaged in a process of discovering the world around us.

Then we went through formal education and learnt to sit still for hours. We learnt that the teacher expected certain answers, even if our experience of the world was different from the answer they were asking for. We learnt to fit in, be good and do as we were told.

Well some of us learnt these things!

Hyper-Speed Experiential Learning is all about including the whole person in the process and discovering the answers vs being told what is a right answer and what is a wrong answer. It’s about including all the senses in the experience and inspiring the student to think, feel and operate holistically and to include their; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical selves.

goldzone-experiential-learning-table-8-13-15The above diagram demonstrates what is possible in terms of retention of information based on the mode of learning. It is obvious to most people that the more actively engaged a student is and the more of themselves that are included in the experience the more they learn and the less they forget.

Let’s bring back the joy of learning!

At Goldzone Education, we believe that the world has changed so fast that traditional ways of teaching and learning are too slow and ineffective. People of all ages are immersed in high-definition movies, television, video games, giant monitors, instant messaging, smartphones and smart watches.

Our methods of teaching, delivering content and
learning have got to change with the times.

We need exciting content and teachers who inspire us to make changes, be the best we can be and to realize our full potential.

Every Goldzone program we deliver uses small group discussions, massive video screens, nightclub quality surround sound, laser lights, image reinforcement, captivating images, inspiring videos, the most beautiful smells and most important of all dynamic facilitation.

It is never boring!

Large corporations have the budgets to invest in one-off learning environments for their corporate training, however, few of them build purpose built classrooms on this scale. As for small and medium businesses, they are mostly out of reach. Our vision is to change that. We need better quality programs and learning environments for the hundreds of millions of small businesses around the world. think of the possible impact…

We also need to unlearn old ideas, thoughts and information that is no longer relevant. Read more about unlearning and “clean slate” > here.

If you are looking for a change and are ready for the most fun you can have as an adult in a crafted learning environment… check out the 3-Day GOLDZONE Experience. It will change your mind about learning, engage all your senses and most of all make you a better leader!

GOLDZONE Experiential Learning Table


To enlarge, click on the image or > heregoldzone-experiential-learning-table-8-13-15

Political Correctness

[wpvideo RfrKCuXl]

The Brain Dictionary

Scientists have created an interactive map of the brain that shows which areas light up when a person hears different words. This challenges old assumptions of how the brain process words and language.

Spanking Children as Punishment



I don’t know about you, but I was brought up on a lot of emotional and physical punishment. I hated it and as a result, rebelled, hunkered down and became a contrarian.

It has taken me years to get over it. I have learned the hard way that being a contrarian is not a success formula. It took me until my mid-twenties to realize this and to become conscious of the consequences to myself, my loved ones and literally anyone who tried to tell me what to do.

Five decades of research by experts at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Michigan have shown us that spanking children have the same negative effects as abuse. It is my opinion that it is not similar to abuse, it is abuse.

Let me explain. When a child doesn’t do what we want, most people tend to feel annoyed, then frustrated, then outright angry. We don’t like feeling this way and out of frustration we want to force compliance, NOW! It is this emotional state that leads us to physical violence. We threaten. We spank. Hit. Cause physical pain in order to punish and ensure immediate and future compliance.

What this does is transfer the feelings of hostility from the parent to the child. We may get short term compliance, however, were does the hostility get discharged? How do they process these emotions?

Typically the child becomes more belligerent overtly to your face, or worse covertly behind your back.

Dishing out approval and disapproval when our wishes are not acted on in the way we want causes the child to manipulate the parent for approval by covering up their feelings and putting on a mask. The parent may think they have succeeded, however, the more a child wears masks for approval and acceptance with their parents, the more anti-social and disconnected they become from society and their peers.

Long term, this is disastrous.

The alternative to spanking is to take the time to include the child. To explain to them the pros and cons of their actions and allow them to make their own choices, once they have been fully informed. Then allowing the child to make a few mistakes and learn from them. This may take more time, however, it is worth it! Both parent and child form a new bond based on mutual respect and feeling included.

Parents who were spanked, tend to raise their own children via spanking.

For further reading, check out Medical Express article here. And also here.




Travel, Discover & Explore

Make Your Life a Work of Art

Ask anyone if they want to travel more and most people will say YES! Unfortunately, the majority of people have a limited amount of time available, especially if you have to fit it within the usual two weeks per year of annual leave!

I don’t believe in that.

I believe we are architects and designers of our own lives and we have unlimited possibilities to draw inspiration from. We can design our lives around what we want to spend our time doing if there were no limits. Travel, family, passionate work.

Most people fit their plans into their available resources. I say expand your resources to fit your plans! I have lived this way for more than 20 years. It works for me, perhaps it will work for you too?

To me, travel is about discovery, immersion, and exploration. It is about style, experience, expansion, and taking the time to get to know the local people, places, and landmarks like a local.

To date, I have been to 51 countries and over 500 cities.

I don’t get board because I am curious and occupied with a never ending list of new discoveries and life-long friendships.

Life is made up of experiences… not things!

The Best of The Best

updated: April 27, 2016 @8:08 pm

What is it that describes an item, a service or an experience “the best?” Surely the best is a matter of taste, budget, and opinion.

If one is economizing, then the best can be defined by in a different way than if one is capable of and in the mood for some liberal spending.

The best does not mean the most expensive because often the most expensive is a function of popularity and supply and demand.

To me, the best relates to a simple formula:

VALUE = price/quality X experience X flow – struggle.

Here are some examples of how to apply this formula:

  1. NOT THE BEST: If the price is high, the quality is high, the experience is low and it doesn’t flow (in other words not in the zone).
  2. NOT THE BEST: If the price is low, the quality is low, the experience is low and it doesn’t flow (in other words not in the zone).
  3. NOT THE BEST: If the price is low, the quality is high, the experience is low and it doesn’t flow (in other words not in the zone).
  4. THE BEST: If the price is high, the quality is high, the experience is high and it flows (in other words in the zone).
  5. THE BEST: If the price is low, the quality is high, the experience is high and it flows (in other words in the zone).

So based on the above the best is very subjective.

So far I have made it to 51 countries and over 500 cities. Below is my list of the very best of the best Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants etc. I have traveled the world looking for suppliers, places, products, and experiences.

The Best of The Best

Best Tropical Island Resort

  • The Ritz-Carlton Resort & Spa – Bali, Indonesia

Best Tropical Island Family Resort

  • The Westin Resort – Maui, Hawaii

Best Tropical Beach

  • 7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Best Romantic Tropical Island

  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Best Computer

  • Apple Macbook Pro

Best Airline Frequent Flyer Program

  • OneWorld

Best Hotel Frequent Guest Program

  • Starwood Preferred Guest

Best Luxury Hotel Chain

  • Four Seasons

Best All Round Hotel Chain

  • Starwood – Westin, Sheraton, St. Regis, Luxury Collection, W Hotels

Best Bank

  • HSBC Premier if you travel a lot or do a lot of International Transfers

Best London Hotel

Best Athens Hotel

Best Resort in Southern California

Best Tropical Island

  • Maui – Hawaii, USA

Best Rental Car Company

  • Hertz – especially Platinum Service

Best Men’s Shoes

  • John Lobb – handmade

Best Flight Luggage

  • Victorinox

Best Attaché

  • Henk – totally customized

Best Airline Lounges

  • Qantas

Best Mineral Water

  • Chåteldon

Best Men’s Casual Watch

  • Bell & Ross – in Rose Gold

Best Men’s Dress Watch

  • Breguet – in White Gold

Best Hotel in Singapore

  • Regis

Best Hotel in Hong Kong

  • Four Seasons

Best Hotel in Paris

Best Hotel in Vienna

Best Hotel in Rome

  • St Regis Grand – the dining room in the Presidential Suite is an OMG

Best Resort in Maui

  • The Four Seasons

Best Dairy Products

  • From New Zealand of course!
  • Followed by Isigny Sainte-Mère, France…

Best Scuba Diving

  • Red Sea

Best Tax Free Jurisdiction

  • Samoa

Best Tax Free Island

  • Grand Cayman

Best Tax Free Jurisdiction Bank

  • HSBC Hong Kong

Best Free Agent Financial Service

  • PayPal with a Mastercard Debit Card

Best International Health Care Insurance

  • William-Russell from the UK

Best Banking System in the World

  • They say Canada

Best Pro-Business Economy

  • USA

Best Tax Regime

  • Hong Kong – Tax Free for International Business, and 16% all other

Best Restaurant in Grand Cayman

  • The Lighthouse – wish I was there now

Best Place in the World for Banana Bread

  • Double Bay, Australia

Best Australian Resort Town

  • Noosa, Queensland

Best Rental Car Fun

  • Any convertible…

Best Pizza

  • Boston North End Pizza, Hawaii

Best American Meal

  • Turkey Dinner

Best Swimming Water

  • 7 Mile Beach, Grand Cayman

Best View From an Airplane Window

  • Flying Into the Bahamas

Best Place to find World Music

  • London, UK

Best Taxi Driver Conversation

  • London Cabbi

Best First Class Seat

  • Any you can get! (especially Singapore airlines)
  • Emirates is awesome value

Best In-flight Food

  • Singapore Airlines First Class

Best Concierge When You Need Help

  • Any Four Seasons (you can even call from a different Country)

Best Cappuccino in the World

  • Any coffee shop in Australia!

Best Coffee

  • Lion Coffee from Hawaii

Best Macadamia Nuts

  • Mauna Loa from Hawaii

Best Spa Environment

  • Banyan Tree – Phuket, Thailand

Best Spa Variety

  • The Grand Wailea Resort – Maui, Hawaii

Best Spa Treatment Room

  • Sofitel – Bali, Indonesia

Best Hotel Bed

  • The Burj Al Arab in Dubai – especially their Royal Suite, OMG!

Best Hotel Bathroom

  • The Burj Al Arab in Dubai – especially their Royal Suite, OMG!

Best Hotel Shower

  • The Grande Bretagne (it has a private steamer built in)

Best Resort Walking Trail

  • Noosa – Queensland, Australia

Best Mega Shopping Center

  • Ala Moana Shopping Center – Honolulu, Hawaii

Best Coffee on the Road

  • Nespresso – it is predictable

Best Cafe to be Seen in Sydney

  • Cosmo Double Bay

Best Contrasting Scenery

  • Santorini – Greek Islands, Greece

Best International Airport

  • Singapore

Best Sunglasses

  • Gucci

Best Bed

  • Hästens Vividus – this bed is an OMG!

Best Men’s Shirts

  • Charvet – Place Vendôme, Paris

Best Men’s Suits

Best Macaroons

Best Croissant in Paris

Best Limousine

  • Maybach

Best Presidential Suite

  • Burj Al Arab Royal Suite (take the Helicopter)

Best Drive

  • Day trip through Tuscany in a convertible

Best OMG Food and View and Service

  • Chateau de la Chevre d’or – Ez, between Nice and Monaco

Best Croquette Monsieur

  • Café Imperial – Rue de Rivoli, Paris

Best City in Switzerland

  • Lausanne, on Lake Geneva (Lac Léman)

Best Champagne

  • Dom Pérignon – the older the better

Best Video Game Console

  • PlayStation 4

Singapore, Smart City of the Future?

Master Penman

Top 5 Misconceptions about Evolution


tumblr_n0awyfqTad1r7866ao5_540 (1).jpg






Excerpt from The GOLDZONE Experience

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Quest for Wealth & Freedom

Le Meurice Paris

33 Steps to New-Paradigm Leadership Live-5-14-15

[wpvideo 9Q9Oxnsb]

Our Greatest Luxury is Time



Compassion is True Communication

This is a very moving advert for a phone company. From where? Thailand of course!

Entertaining, moving. It’s a mini-movie.


[wpvideo AZwivs4X]

GOLDZONE Clients Share

We Are From the Future

I have watched this more than 50 times… and it still blows my mind!

GOLDZONE Experience Bali 9-13-14

[wpvideo arcDgCdH]

The Workplace of The Future

[wpvideo LXCUDpAx]

Everyone Needs a Coach

The world’s best actors, athletes, and business people have coaches. Most average and ordinary people see having a coach as unnecessary, expensive, and a waste of money.


If a coach could help you to double your income, isn’t that a good investment?

If a coach helps you to resolve a difficult business negotiation, and you save a multi-million dollar deal, isn’t that a good investment?

If a coach helps you to save your marriage from divorce, doesn’t that save half of your net worth? Sounds like a good investment to me!

Over the years, I have hired a lot of coaches to work with me, as well as to work with my colleagues and clients. There is a huge difference between coaches. You could sum that up as: If you want to be the best, hire the best coach!

[wpvideo 4H63Kmit]

Re-Imagining Work

[wpvideo 9wNHdw6r]

Are You Addicted to the Internet?

I don’t know about you… but I am definitely addicted to the internet! Hey, why not? There is so much information out there for the voracious and curious mind… answers to just about any question can be found and learned in seconds.  How cool is that?


Hong Kong Remains World Leader in Economic Freedom

Most people don’t think much about economic freedom and that some countries are more free economically than others.

For the 18th year running, Hong Kong scores the highest rankings of any country in the world for:

  1. rule of law
  2. regulatory efficiency
  3. limited government
  4. open markets

And to point out the obvious…. Hong Kong is part of China! Check out the announcement: click here

Things Are Getting Better

OK, so there is a lot of doom and gloom predictions that the world is turning to ^&%$! if you track history (which has a habit of repeating) you will know that these predictions have been the same for many generations… and yet, the world we live in today is way, way better than the world of our parents.

Just look at what we can do in terms of travel, building wealth, communications, entertainment etc. etc.

I came across the below chart from the White House… yes, sure, its political… however, I do think it tells a story looking back that things have stabilized and are now improving. US economic growth is on an upswing.

Budapest – In Time Lapse

This is a great video of Budapest in time lapse. It brings back memories of an awesome visit a few years back… the winter market, warm and friendly people… amazing architecture and a lot of history… I was pleasantly surprised.

US Job Growth, Winners and Losers

The below infographic tells an interesting story when comparing the end result State by State. Different public policy, industry focus, and economic development strategies make some States more competitive than others.


Changing Education Paradigms

How You Pay Your Debt

Utilizing debt is one thing – how you pay it off is another… check out the below chart:


US Govt. Debt

As the US Govt. Debt discussions have occupied a lot of media attention over the past weeks, I notice that there has been a lot of inaccurate facts and figures circulating around the internet. Many people believe that the Chinese Govt. owns most of the debt, when in fact it only owns 7.5% of the total.

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