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Advancing Woman’s Equality Could Add $12 Trillion to Global Growth

Gender inequality in 2016 and beyond is inexcusable. Half of the world’s working-age population are not realizing their full potential, due to gender discrimination.

A recent McKinsey report finds that $12 trillion could be added to global GDP simply by advancing woman’s equality!

I believe this should be a top priority for business and political leaders alike. Let’s work together to equalize opportunity and compensation and end once and for all the issue of a woman being paid less for the same job as a man.

In addition to economic discrimination in order to take advantage of women, prejudice denies women equal access to leadership positions that are top-paying and influential.

Consider for a moment the composition of the S&P 1500 boards of directors:

EY graphic showing the percentage of female directors at S&P 500 companies in 2014

In other words, the business world remains dominated by men and according to McKinsey, this inequality is costing the global economy trillions of dollars a year.

My own research has shown that teams and companies led by women are better managed, more innovative, and less susceptible to the dark side of the hubris of success.

Personally, I am a champion of all forms of equality starting at home and extending to our workplaces, boards and all levels of leadership. This is more than pure idealism! If you analyze the bottom line you too will see its profitable!

Screenshot 2016-05-09 12.07.11.png

If you find yourself resistant to gender equality, consider why that may be? Is it because you are sexist? insecure or simply just prefer to dominate? Perhaps your gender bias is invisible to you. The best way to know for sure is to look at your results. Are genders on your team or in your company balance around the 50/50 mark, or more like 60/40, even 80/20?

This one change, of accepting nothing less than gender equality could add millions to your bottom line.

Read McKinsey Global Institute’s Report Executive Summary > here or access the full report > here

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Zone Learning


We all have at least one thing in common: we started life as a baby and grew into an adult!

Consider for a moment how we learnt as children. We touched everything, tasted everything, played with everything, asked questions about everything. All our senses were engaged in a process of discovering the world around us.

Then we went through formal education and learnt to sit still for hours. We learnt that the teacher expected certain answers, even if our experience of the world was different from the answer they were asking for. We learnt to fit in, be good and do as we were told.

Well some of us learnt these things!

Hyper-Speed Experiential Learning is all about including the whole person in the process and discovering the answers vs being told what is a right answer and what is a wrong answer. It’s about including all the senses in the experience and inspiring the student to think, feel and operate holistically and to include their; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical selves.

goldzone-experiential-learning-table-8-13-15The above diagram demonstrates what is possible in terms of retention of information based on the mode of learning. It is obvious to most people that the more actively engaged a student is and the more of themselves that are included in the experience the more they learn and the less they forget.

Let’s bring back the joy of learning!

At Goldzone Education, we believe that the world has changed so fast that traditional ways of teaching and learning are too slow and ineffective. People of all ages are immersed in high-definition movies, television, video games, giant monitors, instant messaging, smartphones and smart watches.

Our methods of teaching, delivering content and
learning have got to change with the times.

We need exciting content and teachers who inspire us to make changes, be the best we can be and to realize our full potential.

Every Goldzone program we deliver uses small group discussions, massive video screens, nightclub quality surround sound, laser lights, image reinforcement, captivating images, inspiring videos, the most beautiful smells and most important of all dynamic facilitation.

It is never boring!

Large corporations have the budgets to invest in one-off learning environments for their corporate training, however, few of them build purpose built classrooms on this scale. As for small and medium businesses, they are mostly out of reach. Our vision is to change that. We need better quality programs and learning environments for the hundreds of millions of small businesses around the world. think of the possible impact…

We also need to unlearn old ideas, thoughts and information that is no longer relevant. Read more about unlearning and “clean slate” > here.

If you are looking for a change and are ready for the most fun you can have as an adult in a crafted learning environment… check out the 3-Day GOLDZONE Experience. It will change your mind about learning, engage all your senses and most of all make you a better leader!

Hong Kong Remains World Leader in Economic Freedom

Most people don’t think much about economic freedom and that some countries are more free economically than others.

For the 18th year running, Hong Kong scores the highest rankings of any country in the world for:

  1. rule of law
  2. regulatory efficiency
  3. limited government
  4. open markets

And to point out the obvious…. Hong Kong is part of China! Check out the announcement: click here

Things Are Getting Better

OK, so there is a lot of doom and gloom predictions that the world is turning to ^&%$! if you track history (which has a habit of repeating) you will know that these predictions have been the same for many generations… and yet, the world we live in today is way, way better than the world of our parents.

Just look at what we can do in terms of travel, building wealth, communications, entertainment etc. etc.

I came across the below chart from the White House… yes, sure, its political… however, I do think it tells a story looking back that things have stabilized and are now improving. US economic growth is on an upswing.

How You Pay Your Debt

Utilizing debt is one thing – how you pay it off is another… check out the below chart:


US Govt. Debt

As the US Govt. Debt discussions have occupied a lot of media attention over the past weeks, I notice that there has been a lot of inaccurate facts and figures circulating around the internet. Many people believe that the Chinese Govt. owns most of the debt, when in fact it only owns 7.5% of the total.

Global Competitiveness Index 2010–2011

This years Global Competitiveness Index tells an interesting story… the US is sliding down the rankings, Switzerland maintains its lead and Sweden is on the way up. Singapore goes sideways. Having said that ranked 3rd in the world is not a bad place to be! There are many factors that drive productivity and competitiveness. Understanding the various factors is a very interesting process… and if you are an investor and/or entrepreneur, where would you establish a new business? (ie: its easier to do business in countries at the top of the list)

US Long-term real GDP growth 1871-2009

Some people are eager to predict the end of long-term US growth. I would not be so quick. The American people have a remarkable talent for bouncing back – just take a look at the below chart of long-term real growth is US GDP. Make up your own mind…


World Population

As we consider 2011 and what direction the future will take, it is useful to look at the world as a whole and remember that the world we live in today gives us very useful clues as to how the world of tomorrow will look.

Population size and growth are not the only factors to consider, however, they give you a very good idea of where things are headed.

Consider the below chart that shows that 50% of today’s world population lives in just six countries! Wow, only six countries! Clearly, the USA is the most developed of the six – and the others have a long way to go in terms of development – to catch up. This adds up to lots of growth… check it out for yourself:

Manufacturing Productivity vs Jobs

As manufacturing productivity goes up – the number of manufacturing jobs goes down. This means that more output is being produced at lower cost. What happens to the people out of work due to increases in productivity driven by technology? They either go out of work altogether – or… up-skill themselves into higher paying service jobs.

Take a look at the below chart that makes the shift visible:

Motivators for Generation Y and Boomer Talent

There are some very useful pointers in this video…

USA Today Economic Outlook Index (June edition)

This chart from USA TODAY tracks the pulse of he US economy.  Looks like the recession will lesson towards the end of 2009 and we will be back in growth mode in 2010. Click on the image to enlarge >>


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