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Well, here goes. I have taken the time to list personal activities and interests that don’t appear on a traditional biography:


Travel, exploring the best hotels/spas/suites, walking on the beach, swimming, looking for unforgettable places and experiences, cafés to hang out in, people watching (like the couple at the next table ignoring each other, the gypsy pretending to find a gold ring, chic Italians enjoying lunch in Milano), PlayStation IIII, driving without a destination, shopping, writing, all things iPhone (I have 400+ apps) the internet is hard-wired into my brain), finding the oldest bottle of Dom Pérignon – and sharing it with friends…


Travel, design, architecture, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, human behavior (why we do what we do), economics, technology, art, haute couture, movies, music, history, leadership, photography, chants & mantras, interior design, politics, education, health & wellness, longevity, nutrition, fine food, everything French, science, supercars, luxury cars, electric cars, private jets, (…yep, I have a high interest in a lot of things)

Favorite Travel Destinations:

Paris, Cȏte d’Azur, Monte Carlo, Evian, Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Rome, London, Bali, Maldives, Hawaii, Laguna Niguel, New York, Bora Bora… and much, much more…

Favorite Music:

Indian chants and mantras, rock, new age, world, techno & trance (iTunes is awesome… our library includes over 20,000 songs…)

Favorite TV Shows:

Private Practice, One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, Damages, The Unit, Survivor, Prison Break, Eli Stone, Brothers and Sisters, Dirty Sexy Money… (all on iTunes and you can watch anytime and anywhere).

Favorite Movies:

Where to start… Australia was awesome… Jodhaa Akbar… Juno… and many, many more…

Favorite Books:

I used to read a lot of books (hundreds of books in my library) now I tend to filter and sort information from the internet… having said that my account indicates that I am still buying a lot of books…

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