Great Is In The Details

Great Is In The Details


  1. Notably large in size.
  2. Remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness.
  3. Full of emotion.
  4. Chief or preeminent over others.
  5. Markedly superior in character or quality.
  6. Remarkably skilled.


  1. A small part of something.
  2. A particular fact or piece of information about something or someone.
  3. Any small section of a larger structure or whole considered as a unit.

It takes energy and dedication to focus on details and continue this over time. All great works of art, gold medals, moving design, music, financial and business success involves this same energy and dedication to details that most people consider boring and repetitive.

What great work will you engage in today?

21,674 hours of practice will move an audience. Wow.

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