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Visualization > Movement of 880 iPhones

This video visualizes the movement of 880 iPhones in Europe in April 2011. Taken by tracking their GPS (they volunteered for it).



How I Use My iPhone

I was thinking the other day about life before iPhone and wondering how I managed to do all the things that my iPhone does… so I decided to put together a MindMap with the main tasks I use my iPhone for… and wow, its one thing to know this and another thing to see it all laid out visually… click on the image below for a larger image:

Apple iPad 2 Review

Having had an Apple iPad since they were first released, I wondered if the new iPad would be different enough to get one. I didn’t wonder for long and moments later placed my order online. Shipped directly from the factory in China, the iPad arrived via Fedex.

Now that I have had a week or so to set up and test the iPad 2, I can say the improvements are significant and it is well worth getting one – even if you have a fully functioning original iPad.

Here are the main improvements/new features that stand out:

  • holding the iPad to read a book or email is easier and less strain on your arm because it is a lot lighter – which means longer reading times (I did not even notice this as a problem before)
  • the front and rear cameras enable video conferencing, taking snapshots and recording video… awesome! documents can be scanned, barcodes can be read and you can show video callers how you look in early morning video chats!
  • the lower profile (otherwise known as height) means it fits in more bags and is cooler… OK, the biggest benefit of this is the reduction in weight.
  • snapping (it’s magnetic) the leather cover on is a breeze – and it looks great.
  • faster run times means you don’t have to wait as long for apps to load, pages to download etc.

Despite what some people think – the iPad is way more than a large screen iPhone! Over time more apps are becoming available that take advantage of the cloud, syncing and integrating seamlessly with your desktop/laptop and mobile phone. A simple example of this is when you update a password on one device, it is automatically available on all your devices… (don’t worry, it is encrypted to make it secure).

If you haven’t ordered one yet… I highly recommend it!

Self-Driving Cars

The future can be seen in movies and todays research projects… and when it comes to transportation self-driving cars are just around the corner…

Mood Tracking with twitter

Can you measure happiness? For many people happiness is subjective and not so easy to measure, however, a person’s mood level is easy to detect from their choice of words and their emotional content.

Alan Mislove and his colleagues at Northeastern University filtered 300 million 140 character tweets posted on twitter from 2006 to 2009 and measured them against a psychological word-rating system to assign a mood score reflecting positive vs negative mood level.

Check out the below visualization by location during the day… results are facilitating… people on the west coast of the US are happier than those on the east coast:


Mobile Commerce

The Personal Computer followed by the Internet created previously unimaginable new channels for commerce. Today’s new frontier is being driven by mobile phones.

Consumers are using their mobile phones to surf the internet, check bank balances and to make purchases. This new channel is called m-Commerce and though the sector is still in its infancy it is growing at an unprecedented rate.


According to IDC and Jupiter Media Metrix, US m-Commerce revenues climbed from $127 million in 2001 to over $58 billion in 2007. The progression of m-Commerce revenue charts out exponentially.


Interview With Steve Ballmer


Google Wave


Throughout The Day With Popular Apps

Screen shot 2009-10-03 at 8.11.17 PM, Oct 3, 2009

Social Media

Screen shot 2009-10-03 at 8.20.22 PM, Oct 3, 2009

What is LinkedIN?


Web 2.0 Learner @ Enterprise 1.0

[slideshare id=202788&doc=meetcharlene-1197586243422026-2]

Social Media In Plain English


All About twitter

This video is very good for describing what twitter is and how it works…


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